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10 Best Laptop for Adobe Illustrator 2020 [Guides For Designer]

Best Laptop for adobe illustratorYou are Graphic Designer? & Looking for Best Laptops For Adobe Illustrator, You need peculiar equipment to help you do your job. Just like any other profession, there are electronics specially designed for you. They are mainly laptops that have a diverse variety of options. From having an HD touchscreen display to the best processor available, here you will find the best laptops for adobe illustrator. On these laptops, Illustrator by Adobe can be installed and used without any issues.

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To use software like the Adobe Illustrator, you’ve got to purchase a laptop with enough specifications. These specifications define how well you can work. When you can work with ease and without any hindrance, the quality of your task improves. As time is passing, more and more laptops with better features are being released. You just have to choose the one which works best for you.

List of 10 Best Laptops for Adobe Illustrator



Latest Price

RAM: 16GB, Storage: 256GB SSD

RAM: 16GB DDR4, Storage: 256GB SSD

RAM: 8GB, Storage: 256GB SSD

RAM: 8GB, Storage 128GB

RAM: 16GB, Storage 512GB SSD

RAM: 8 GB, Storage 256GB SSD

RAM: 8GB, Storage 128GB SSD

RAM: 8GB, Storage 1 TB Hybrid HDD

RAM: 4GB, Storage 128GB SSD

RAM: 8GB, Storage 128GB SSD

Important Note:

Before showing you the list of best laptop for adobe illustrator,  I cut down it into 3 major categories, If someone want to buy budget laptops. So Don't worry i have a amazing and more reliable collection of laptops, Check the given below. 

Reviews of the 10 Best Laptops for Illustrators

1. Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Review

Microsoft 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is equipped with:

  • Processor: 1.9GHz 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8650U Quad-Core

  • Ram: 16GB

  • Hard Drive: 256GB

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • Touchscreen display
  • HD display
  • Touch pen included
  • The processor is high-speed
  • The color is elegant and decent, i.e., silver
  • Battery is Lithium-ion
  • The battery life is long
  • The webcam on the rear side is 8 MP
  • Large ROM storage
  • Good RAM storage
  • Detachable screen
  • Expensive
  • The screen size is mediocre

About the Product:

This product is by Microsoft. Microsoft has always been famous for its computer and technology. It can easily be called the best laptop for adobe illustrator. It has impressive features, which have earned a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This product comes as a bundle, with the Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum, as well as a USB Type-C adapter.

Features and Specifications:

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a 15 inches laptop. It runs on a 1.9 GHz Intel Core i7-8650U process. The processor is the 8th Generation and is Quad-Core, which has the ability to work up to 4.2 GHz. The ROM of the laptop is 256 GB, which is enough to use Illustrator. The RAM is 16 GB.

The system runs on Windows 10 Pro, as it was released in the year 2017. The unique quality of this laptop is that the touchscreen is detachable. The screen resolution is 3240 x 2160, making it a high definition. The product comes with a touch pen especially, developed by Microsoft. The graphics compressor is GeForce., and the battery life of this laptop is 17 hours.

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2. Lenovo ThinkPad P1 – Review

ThinkPad p1

Lenovo 15.6" ThinkPad P1

The ThinkPad P1 is equipped with:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400H (8th Gen) Quad-core

  • Ram: 16GB DDR4

  • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • Long battery life
  • The dual-channel memory is expandable
  • The touch screen is HD
  • The size of the screen is sufficient
  • The graphics co processor supports the acceleration of graphics
  • The processor is quick
  • The laptop does not lag
  • Ideal for using a stylus
  • The touch screen is IPS
  • The laptop is very costly
  • The body heats up
  • The fingerprint reader may malfunction

About the Product:

This product is from Lenovo. It is often referred to as the best laptops for adobe illustrator. It is called the LCD Mobile Workstation. Many customers love it. This is proven by its 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Features and Specifications:

This laptop comes with an Intel Core i5-8400H Quad-Core processor that runs on 2.5 GHz and is 8th Generation. The system runs on Windows 10 Pro, on 64-bit. The size of the screen is 15.6 inches, resolution of 1920 x 1080. The screen is IPS, and the display is HD. The graphics Coprocessor is the NVIDIA Quadro P1000.

The RAM of this model is 16 GB, making it a lot of memory. The ROM of the ThinkPad P1 is 256 GB, which is a capacity most laptops carry. There is also a graphics card RAM, which has 4 GB capacity. The laptop weighs 6 pounds. The battery requirement is 1 Lithium-ion battery, which is included in the package.

3. Dell Precision 3540 – Review


Dell Precision 3540

The Dell Precision 3540 is equipped with:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8365U

  • Ram: 8GB

  • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • The battery life is long
  • The touchscreen is advanced
  • The display is HD
  • The unit is very lightweight
  • It can be carried everywhere as a mobile workstation
  • The processor is of high quality
  • Very expensive
  • The size of the screen is small if compared to the price
  • Very fragile

About the Product:

The Dell Precision 3540 is a Mobile Workstation. It is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. With this model, Dell has outnumbered many other laptops like this. It is a very light and small model. That is why it is called Mobile Workstation.

Features and Specifications:

The Dell Precision comes with a 15.6 inches display. It runs on Intel Core i5-8365U. The RAM of this model is 8 GB. The RAM is 256 GB. The unit is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 4 pounds.

The laptop is simply the best laptop for illustrator. It is very thin and elegant looking. The display is HD, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Like many others, the battery included is Lithium-ion.

4. MacBook Pro (2018) – Review:

Macbook pro 1

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch

The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch is equipped with:

  • Ram: 16GB RAM

  • Hard Drive: 512GB Storage

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Delicate looking
  • High resolutions display
  • Tremendous quality colors
  • There is 128 MB of eDram
  • Fast charging
  • Thunderbolt ports are available to charge other devices
  • The battery life is short
  • The screen size is average in this price

About the Product:

This is the fourth product in our article on the best laptops for adobe illustrator. It has a fantastic rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. It is also Amazon’s Choice product. It comes in different varieties, with different processors, capacities, and colors. The best seller is space gray, with a 1.4 GHz processor and 128 GB capacity.

Features and Specifications:

This is a product by Apple. It comes with a 13-inch screen, which is HD. The processor is Quad-Core, 8th Generation, by Intel. It has an i5 processor, which makes it lightning fast. The RAM is 32 GB. It is actually a DDR4 memory.

Apple calls the screen an eye-opening retina display. That is due to the tremendous quality of the display. The battery life is 10 hours and the laptop is very lightweight. It weighs only 3 pounds, making it easier to carry around.

5. Huawei MateBook X Pro– Review:

Matebook x pro

Huawei MateBook X Pro

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is equipped with:

  • Processor: 8th Gen i7-8550U

  • Ram: 16 GB

  • Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • The unit is very lightweight
  • The display is high definition
  • The processor is fast
  • The boot-up system is quick
  • The data is safe
  • The internal machine is noisy
  • The laptop heats up

About the Product:

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is a thin and very lightweight laptop. It is rated 4.3 stars out of 5. There are two varieties of this model. One of them comes with an Intel Core i5, and the other one with an Intel Core i7. It is often listed as one of the best laptop for illustrator.

Features and Specifications:

The laptop comes with 13.9-inch display size. It is so lightweight that it weighs as low as 2.93 pounds. The touchscreen technology is 3K. The ultra HD display is 3,000 x 2,000. The processor is an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 8550U unit.

There is a feature of the one-touch power button. It enables you to go through fingerprint authentication and power up within 8 seconds. The RAM of this model is 16 GB, and the ROM is an impressive 512 GB. The battery is of Lithium-ion. It runs for 8 to 10 hours without being charged.

6. Dell XPS 13 – Review:

xps n13

Huawei MateBook X Pro

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is equipped with:

  • Processor: 8th Gen i7-8550U

  • Ram: 16 GB

  • Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • Amazing battery life
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Fast processing
  • Large capacity
  • Screen size is small

About the Product:

The Dell XPS is a well-known laptop. It has been rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is a lightweight laptop, like many others. The most noticeable feature of this model is the battery timing. Due to this model, Dell has won the 2018 CES Best of Innovation award.

Features and Specifications:

The laptop comes with a 13.3 inches screen. It displays in 4K HD, whose resolution is 3940 x 2160 p. The touchscreen technology is called InfinityEdge by Dell. The processor is the Intel Core 8th Generation i7-8550U, Quad-Core, which works on 4.0 GHz. The RAM of the unit is 8 GB, whereas the ROM is 256 GB. 

The webcam is HD with a 720p resolution. The system runs on Windows 10 Home. The keyboard is entirely backlit, enhancing in-the-dark experience. The most fantastic feature is the Lithium-ion battery. It gives you a 52 WHr battery life, making it best laptop for adobe illustrator for many people.

7. Apple MacBook Air (2019) – Review:

Macbook air

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

The Apple MacBook Air 13-inch is equipped with:

  • Dual-Core Intel i5 processor

  • 8 GB RAM

  • Intel HD Graphics 6000 GPU

  • 128 GB SSD

  • Mac OS

  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 8.94 x 0.11 inches

  • Extremely lightweight
  • The keyboard is backlit
  • Stylish design
  • The processing is lightning fast
  • Small screen
  • Expensive

About the Product:

The MacBook Air, released in 2019, has won the hearts of many people. It has turned into the best laptop for illustrator for a lot of users. It comes in different variations. By capacity, it has a 128 GB, and a 256 GB variant. It comes in three colors, i.e., gold, silver, and space gray.

Features and Specifications:

The MacBook Air is a high-end laptop. It has many features that make it stand out. It has an mediocre 13-inch screen. The RAM is 8 GB, and the ROM is 128 GB. There is a feature of fingerprint recognition.

The processor in this model is the Dual-Core 8th Generation Intel Core i5. The laptop also has two stereo speakers with excellent sound quality. The design is exquisite, and the sides are gaunt. It weighs only 2.75 pounds, making it very light. The resolution of the display is 2560 x 1600 at 227 PPI.

8. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 – Review:

dell 15 7000

Dell Inspiron 15 7000

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is equipped with:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7300HQ

  • Ram: 8GB DDR4

  • Hard Drive: 1 TB Hybrid HDD

  • Operating System: Windows 10

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • Lightweight model
  • Backlit keyboard for a better experience in the dark
  • Swift processing
  • The graphics are Ultra HD
  • Has a graphics card with video memory
  • Expensive

About the Product:

This Dell laptop can undoubtedly be called the best laptops for adobe illustrator. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is available in many regions. It is very famous for two things. One is its capacity. The second is its stylus.

Features and Specifications:

The laptop has a 4K Ultra HD display, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 p. It runs on an Intel i7-8550U processor. The RAM for this model is 16 GB DDR4. The ROM is an amazing 1 TB SSD. The entire keyboard is backlit for better working in the dark.

The laptop comes with a stylus touch pen. The NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphics card with a 2GB video memory is installed in the unit. A built-in card reader is also a part of this model. There are built-in speakers called the MaxxAudio Pro. The system works on Windows 10 and has a Lithium-ion battery.

9. Acer Aspire 5– Review:


Acer Aspire 5 with 15.6 inches Full HD IPS Display

The Acer Aspire 5 is equipped with:

  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor

  • Radeon Vega 3 GPU

  • HDMI, USB 3.1, and USB 2.0 ports

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM

  • 128 GB Flash Memory Solid State Hard Drive

  • Long battery time
  • Elegant design
  • Advanced graphics card
  • Latest RAM technology
  • Windows 10 in S mode
  • High-end processor
  • Slim and stylish
  • Ultra HD display
  • The internal radiator fan can be noisy

About the Product:

This product is from the manufacturer Acer. It is called the Acer Aspire 5. It is famous for its slim exterior, making it look exquisite. The product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, rated by 375 customers on Amazon. It is among this list of best laptop for illustrator because of its supreme qualities.

Features and Specifications:

The Acer Aspire is a slim laptop. It is best for the users of Adobe Illustrator. The size of the screen is 15.6 inches. This size is standard and convenient for users. The display is also full of high definition and IPS.

The laptop has an Intel Core i3-8145U processor installed inside it, making it work super-fast as per demand. It used the latest technology of RAM, which is a 4 GB DDR4 memory. The internal memory of this product is 128 GB, which is enough to install any designing based program and work smoothly. The system works on Windows 10, like many other latest laptops. This product comes in two variations, i.e., 10th Generation Intel Core i3-10110U, and this one, the 8th Generation Intel Core i3-8145U.

The resolution of the HD screen is 1920 x 1080 p. this quality makes it perfect for drawing, color, illustrate, as well as watch any movie. The keyboard is entirely backlit, letting the user easily access everything in the dark. There is a graphics card installed to enhance the user experience, and it is the Intel UHD Graphics 620. The laptop weighs 3.97 pounds, which makes the user feel its quality while holding the item. It comes in a beautiful silver color.

10. MSI GL62M 7REX-1896US– Review:



The MSI GL62M is equipped with:

  • Graphic Card: GTX 1050 2G

  • Processor: i5-7300HQ

  • Ram: 8GB DDR4

  • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

  • Operating System: Windows 10

  • For More Feature Click here.

  • High-end laptop for professionals
  • Advanced graphics
  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Huge internal memory
  • High definition display at 1920 x 1080p
  • Long battery hours

About the Product:

The MSI GL62M 7REX-1896US is a fantastic laptop. It can be said that this was made for Adobe Illustrator. It has been best laptop for adobe illustrator for users since its release. The product has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, by 258 customers. This is an expensive and high-end product for professionals.

Features and Specifications:

The laptop comes in different variations. It is available with the 7th Generation Intel i7-7700 processor, as well as the 8th Generation i7-8750H processor. Both of these are high-end, lightning-fast processors by Intel. The display of this product is 15.6 inches. The DRAM is 8 GB, whereas the ROM is an incredible 1 TB. 

The keyboard is backlit. A NIVIDA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4G graphics card is installed. It is pleasing in aesthetic, with black and red color combination.

How to Purchase the Best Laptops for Adobe Illustrator:

Before purchasing the best laptop for illustrator, you have to keep certain things in mind. The first and foremost thing you should remember is if your purchase will benefit you. How so? If your purchase benefits you, that is because the specifications of the laptop match your requirements. If they do not match your requirements, then your purchase is of no use to you.

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The following guide will help you understand what you intend to buy for yourself or for someone else. Read them, and write down the specifications you want in a laptop. Analyze those features to the ones available. Check your budget and choose the best one for you. After that, make the purchase!

  • Processor: Are laptops with many types of processors. Some of them have old kinds of processors, while others have the latest technology. Keep in mind that you, as an illustrator, do need an excellent processor. The software is massive and it may hang if your processor is slow. This can result in delayed project integration or data loss.
  • Certainly do not want your data, hours’ worth of work, to be lost. That, too, because of a simple processor that cannot handle Illustrator. Therefore, keep in mind what the requirements are. There are laptops available with 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 2.5, and even 4.0 GHz processors. It is up to you to choose because the higher-end laptops with faster processors are often expensive.
  •  Screen Size: The second most important thing is the screen size. The screen should be sufficient enough for you to see and illustrate. Illustration is not an easy job and needs a lot of conveniences. If it is compared to writing, it is much more difficult. So, look for what is most comfortable for you.
  • The size of the screen is too small, and it might become hard for you to see what you are doing. It may cause you to zoom excessively, resulting in errors in the project. Not to mention the eye strain you will be going through by looking at a tinted screen for hours. On the other hand, if the screen is too large, it might become a little challenging to handle. Drawing with a touch pen or stylus is almost impossible on large screens without peculiar equipment.
  • The most common size for the best laptop for illustrator is 15 inches. That is the size of an mediocre laptop with standard specifications. You can go down a notch and up a notch. It all depends on your preference. The more average the size of the screen is, the better you will be able to control it.
  • Touchscreen: A third most important attribute of a laptop for adobe illustrator is the touch screen. Does the laptop has a touch screen interface? What type of touch screen is it? These are the questions you must ask before purchasing a laptop. You have to make sure that the touch screen interface is of immense quality.
  • There are different touchscreens installed on various laptops. Some of them only serve the purpose of secondary control. Those screens are not ideal for illustration purposes. On the other hand, there are some laptops available with full touchscreen display. One of those laptops may serve as the best laptop for illustrator.
  • Stylus/Touch Pen: Adobe Illustrator without a stylus or a touch pen can be tricky. It is not necessary, but it is needed for good results. Therefore, make sure your laptop comes with a stylus. If not, check if the laptop’s touchscreen supports the stylus. There are several categories of touch pens available, as well. So choose accordingly.
  • Display: How is the quality of the display? This question is asked along with many other questions. It defines the quality of the display. Including the color quality, high definition, glare, brightness, and everything else. The number and quality of the colors will enable you to illustrate with as much detail as you would like.
  • Are laptops available with HD, 1080p, and even 4k display qualities? Quite obviously, the higher the quality of the display is, the higher is the price mark. Even though the display quality is one of the most fundamental attributes. Some mid-range laptops also have magnificent quality displays. Choose according to your necessities.
  • Storage: Comes the one feature that defines the best laptop for adobe illustrator. The RAM, as well as the ROM, needs to be enough for you. There are laptops with amazing ROM capacities but minimal RAM. This leads to your laptop hanging, and not working the way you want it to. Both types of memories should be sufficient.
  • 8 GB RAM, along with a 256 GB ROM, is the standard for most laptops. It can efficiently serve the purpose of Illustrator’s use. But if you want to use some other heavy software besides that, then it might be a little less. Check the requirements of the software you wish to use and compare it to the laptop. Again, it all depends on your needs.
  • People choose to purchase external hard drives. These hard drives have immense memory capacities on which people would save their data. That is something that not everyone prefers. That is all up to you to choose.
  • Battery Life: Of the times laptops with amazing features fail when it comes to battery life. When you have been working, and the laptop suddenly goes into a coma due to a low battery. That is the most significant loss of low battery life. There are many types of batteries available that can be bought and externally connected to the laptop. But that should not be the case when you buy a high-end laptop.
  • At the specifications, type of battery ions, and the hours of life. There are swappable as well as non-swappable batteries. Make sure if the battery is not swappable, then its life is enough for you. The standard is 17 hours of battery running without the power cord. That is a prominent trait to define the best laptop for illustrator.

Final Verdict:

It can be said that one of the above-stated laptops can be the best laptops for adobe illustrator. Many specifications are to be checked before purchasing a laptop to use Adobe Illustrator. Always keep in mind how manageable a laptop can be for you. Instead of purchasing a model and buying other necessary items later, choose a complete set. Having the stylus is also very important for most illustrators.

This was the list of top laptops suitable to use for Illustrator. A guide on how you can purchase the best laptop is also given at the beginning. Now you have sufficient knowledge to make the best decision.